Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the beginning of the new journey...

hu-ah...finally...we made it till the end of 2009...Thankx chapter of my life is about to begin...still need to analyze my year 2009...what's my biggest glory.??am i have that glory glory moment.??am not sure bout what am doing in i just wastin my days or just bullshittin around wif nothin that won't give me anythin precious...

urgh...still seeking n searching...
me myself couldnt understand myself either...
who am i.??
what the hell am i doing here.??
how many time i got to keep alive.??

dozen of questions need to be answered...
will i get the answers.??

neway...hepi new year...may God bless ur fuckin days....
forgive me for all mistakes and misbehavior..
love u all...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Avenged Sevenfold drummer found dead in home

Details are still unfolding, but we have received word that Avenged Sevenfold drummer James Owen Sullivan, better known as "The Rev," was found dead in his Huntington Beach, California, home this morning. According to the OC Register, Sullivan's body was discovered by firefighters who were called to his house around 1 p.m. local time on Dec. 28. According to Huntington Beach police Lt. John Domingo commented that it appeared the 28-year-old drummer died of natural causes.

The remaining members of A7X have issued a statement, which reads:

"It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. Jimmy was not only one of the world's best drummers, but more importantly he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy's family and we hope that you will respect their privacy during this difficult time.

Jimmy you are forever in our hearts.
We love you.

M Shadows, Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ"

The Rev, one of Avenged Sevenfold's three original members, had been with the band since their 1999 inception, playing on all their albums. His most recent studio work can be heard on 2007's self-titled effort.

Our deepest condolences to the family, friends and fans of James Owen Sullivan.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

decision maker.. not a good decision maker..*duh*'s hard for me to come out with something that surely satisfying my need..damn...i tend to lost in between when it come to choose one which both perfectly suit it bad for me.??yeah..fuckin friend once told me that "life is all about making choices"..shrouded by questions mark..we can't stop it..we have to face it..

"a decision made at night may be changed in the morning", Samoan Proverb.. that's right...i'm use to that situation..we can't predict the future..sometime the environment could possibly influence us to make the decision..should I let the environment drive me to clueless solution..??i do believe that we have to stand for our own right..and..fight for your right..don't give a damn about others perception with your final is all yours...

Monday, December 14, 2009


What is trust?
Who can we trust?
Can we trust our loved ones?
Can we trust each other?

The existence of trust. Can you believe on it? I’m not sure. But I do believe that there is a hard way for us to explore the world of trust. We still seek the right answer for that. For sure, it’s something that burden me because not easy for me to trust others. I only believe in myself.

There are millions of people with have their perspective within this issue. Our daily life shrouded by Puaka Topeng. You better be alert with the environment. Never let the environment control yourself. We the one, who control the environment, try to absorb the environment. That motherfucker around us is waiting to kill you.

Trust can be betrayed. What the hell happen if this situation occurs? Do we need to trust others? Another question without knowing the answer. Damn it.!! I use to be fucked up before. That makes me be more cautious with Puaka. Don’t blame me for not trust you, ask yourself what make me being that way and you better get your ass out of my fucking face.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

mulut bangkai

fakap..!!tu y aku nk ckp mula² start type mnde neh..aku pom xphm laa..asal dunia skrg manusia ske cari psal..xde sbab dorang cari psal..musti de jek y nk jadi taik..pastu de plak y ske jek wak muke babi bl de org len stngh tu plak ske sgt tgk org lain collapse..bkn kate nk tlg ssm sndr...siap balun g...da r satu bangsa...seagama plak tu..bodoh..camni rupe kot dunia akhir zaman neh..psal mulut bangkai...boleh binasa xkena jek ngn "actions speak louder than words" tu...da bleh tkar da..."words speak louder than actions"...bleh x camtu.??ckp jek hebat...die tu laa...die ni laa..sbnrny dri tu habuk pom tadak..g mampos laa sng...idop pom dk tanggung dosa jek...xde guna idop laa cmtu..xpn bwk tobak byk²...manusia skrg ske utk melaga-laga demi menjatuhkan org len...konon wat camtu dri nmpk best laa...pukimak.!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


bayang tu slalu jek ade ngn kite..xksh r mane korang de pn..bayang tu da kire cam sebahagian dr y jadi masalah...asal kt slalu jek dk takut ngn bayang² sndri..??kenape.??permasalahan y slalu kt bicara tp masih xde penghujungnya...asal situasi camni bleh penyebab y membawa kepada permasalah ni.??aku xde r pandai sgt nk ckp psal mnde² suma berdasarkan pengalaman idup aku..even baru sthun jgng kate da mcm² karenah manusia y aku jmp...adeih..sndri fikir laa..

"fikir dulu sebelum buang"

perlu ke cmtu.??salah ke kalau kt ckp pe y kt rase even de y xske.??aku rase xde slah pn..even mnde tu bny cam cynical tp xslah kalau kt ckp mnde y masyarakat kt slalu anggap org camtu jenis y xsyg mulut..nape cmtu.??perlu ke kt pendam pe y de dlm ati tu smate2 nk jg ati org len.??ati plak camne.??sape nk jage.??byk persoalan lau kt ckp psal ni..adat laa..itu laa..ini laa..smp bl harus camtu.??


kadang-kadang mende y kt plan tu xikut kehendak kt..aku slalu gak plan nk wat sumting...nk wat tu..nk wat ni..lastly..hampeh..plan jek tau..nak wat plan tu y slalu kantoi..kate org...kite hanya mampu merancang..DIA y tentukan sumanya..ayat tu bleh pakai gak..papehal pun..kt kena work on it..try very best to get what suppose to be ours...

puaka topeng..

aku pilih tajok blog neh THE PUAKA TOPENG sbb mende nie slalu de kt persekitaran kite..jgn slap fhm..bkn TOPENG PUAKA beza tu..xksh korang still study g ke..da kje ke..mmg xleh nak lari ngn situasi neh..aku rase ngn ayat [puaka] + [topeng] tu korang da bleh agk pemende maksud aku neh..mende ni slalu jek de dalam daily life kite suma...sedar x sedar..korang musti alert ngn mende nie...aku slalu gak jumpe ngn situasi camni..nak x nak..suke x suke..kena lalu gak..jangan korang sangka kawan itu sahabat...sahabat sukar dicari..kawan mane2 pom kite bleh korang pepandai laa nak cari kawan ke sahabat..dalam hidup kena slalu aware ngan keadaan persekitaran korang..fikirkan pe y aku tulis..nanti korang sndr dpt pe y aku cube nk smpaikan...


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