Monday, August 30, 2010

turn to page 69 : MALADROIT..!!

oh my goshh..come n quickly turn to another page...what bout page 69..its chapter about MALADROIT...yeah..fuckin maladroit..inept kind people..the worst is yet to come..isn't it.??but how worst.??you can't even imagine it..too worst..those who become inept..better go fuck yourself n get your fuckin face out of me..

maladroit turn to disease..gosh...get the doctor please..somebody need medicine to cure that..oh my..or any other solution to heal it.??hurm..but i guess so..take your soul out of your..perhaps might help you with that disease..yeah..

maladroit..can you pull it off.??even how hard you try..but i do believe that you can't make it know why.??just find out your answer..cuz that answer is with just need to dig it..

last word..go fuck yourself MALADROIT fag people.. \m/

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the review..

for the past few months..thr are many changes happend..
people changed..environment changed..too much to mention here..
but the worst always the lead the way..

am not the angel that can hear heart talkin..
or God that know wht will happen for the next second to come..
but i only stick wif my words.."my mind is mine" fuck off..!!!

for the past few years..i see lots of people fight for being
such a perfectionist..they tend to bullshittin others...fight among their colleagues..
killing for leading..and much more wif one aim..PERFECTIONIST..or PERFECSHITIONIST..

for the past few weeks..
urgh..ugly..stupid..damn it..go to hell..
i love my fuck-you fuck off..!!!