Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the review..

for the past few months..thr are many changes happend..
people changed..environment changed..too much to mention here..
but the worst always the lead the way..

am not the angel that can hear heart talkin..
or God that know wht will happen for the next second to come..
but i only stick wif my words.."my mind is mine" fuck off..!!!

for the past few years..i see lots of people fight for being
such a perfectionist..they tend to bullshittin others...fight among their colleagues..
killing for leading..and much more wif one aim..PERFECTIONIST..or PERFECSHITIONIST..

for the past few weeks..
urgh..ugly..stupid..damn it..go to hell..
i love my fuck-you fuck off..!!!


  1. PERFECTIONIST is the most ear bleed word i've ever heard..people nowdays trying their best to archieve that level..eventhough they might not aware they actually killing whoever standing next to them..
    they rather push it away to get what they wanted tho..And there will so many victims in that shitty situation..

    but well said, im at ur side.. :)
    my thoughts is my thougts.. :D


  2. hahah...yeahh..the most ear bleed word..they try to expose their stupidity without realize kinda funny how somebdy try or act to be dat way..they are victim of their silly..n so fucked up..

    thnks for staying on my side..
    my mind is mine :D

  3. hooyeay!
    baru hupdate belog!

  4. hehe..tu laa psal..
    da lame xupdate..
    de g xsetel g..
    sooner or later..

  5. belog dah entry baru?gagagaga

  6. hehee...dun wori...akan smp nnt..tnguuu.. :D

  7. Me neither..i've been waiting for ur new entry like ages..i can see dust everywhere.. :D
    Go get ur broom now.. lol

  8. yeah..hell yeah..u r fuckin right..PERFECTIONIST is the worst ever word that i face wif..the people who told u that they r conscience bout PERFECTIONIST actually they just bullshitting ur ear and scramble with their own mind..i believe in that in the person next to them become a prey coz of that creepy attitude..thanks for be on my side..

    "my mind is mine" :D