Monday, August 30, 2010

turn to page 69 : MALADROIT..!!

oh my goshh..come n quickly turn to another page...what bout page 69..its chapter about MALADROIT...yeah..fuckin maladroit..inept kind people..the worst is yet to come..isn't it.??but how worst.??you can't even imagine it..too worst..those who become inept..better go fuck yourself n get your fuckin face out of me..

maladroit turn to disease..gosh...get the doctor please..somebody need medicine to cure that..oh my..or any other solution to heal it.??hurm..but i guess so..take your soul out of your..perhaps might help you with that disease..yeah..

maladroit..can you pull it off.??even how hard you try..but i do believe that you can't make it know why.??just find out your answer..cuz that answer is with just need to dig it..

last word..go fuck yourself MALADROIT fag people.. \m/

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the review..

for the past few months..thr are many changes happend..
people changed..environment changed..too much to mention here..
but the worst always the lead the way..

am not the angel that can hear heart talkin..
or God that know wht will happen for the next second to come..
but i only stick wif my words.."my mind is mine" fuck off..!!!

for the past few years..i see lots of people fight for being
such a perfectionist..they tend to bullshittin others...fight among their colleagues..
killing for leading..and much more wif one aim..PERFECTIONIST..or PERFECSHITIONIST..

for the past few weeks..
urgh..ugly..stupid..damn it..go to hell..
i love my fuck-you fuck off..!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

bury in enslavement...

Burn...we are fucking burn…
Die…we are fucking die…

Struggling and fight for dignity
Seditious lie within the enslavement
Stand up...fight for your pride…
Kill all those motherfucker authorities…

Wake up…make a dramatic break for freedom
Get your ass out of this shit…
Call the angel
Save us from this hell

We are burning the enslavement
Freedom is ours
We are not prisoner of slavery
Freedom is ours

Enslavement is dead

Sunday, March 21, 2010

mixery of my broken tales..

mixery...lost in mixery...broken tales...

it's all bout to learn sumtim...
nobody's perfect...but why we hv to fight to be dat way.??
no need to move in perfectionist...cuz nobody cant...
sumtim our broken tales teach us bout life...bout friendSHIT..bout love..
bout can be defined as learning and improving ourself..
sound like a dirty ass..rite.??

are we regret wif our own broken tales.??
are we lost in mixery cuz of broken tales.??

i try to make myself be more rational bout it..
i wont be regretted wif my broken tales..
i wont lost in mixery..
how tough am i to evade it.??

my broken tales..
jus keep playin around me..
it's chokin me..
i need to breath from scratch..
wht should i do to make it happen.??
i dun hv the power to cure that broken..
am i that evil for not curing it.??

mixery of my broken tales huntin me..
and it will keep on huntin me..

sumbody...please get me a doctor..

hell'em all..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i need to go out from this hell..

so damn fucked up...

somebody please help me out from this place..??
i need a brand new life u hv it.??
please inform me back then..

somewhere or somehow...
am thinking bout to get my ass out from here...
am sick and tired with my daily fuckin boredom life...

if u think u can help me...
you are the person that am looking for...
feel free to text me back...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Heavy Metal..

:: just for info ::
Intro :
Heavy metal music is a form of music that is pretty heavy, and also pretty metal. It scares most conservatives and fundamentalists due to being sounding fairly anti-authoritarian, as well as having many bands that use Satanic imagery, though most only for shock value. Such as the band Mercyful Fate or whatever album cover Slayer have commissioned to piss off anyone who is even mildly religiously sensitive.

The Horns
The "horns", where the hand is formed into a fist and the pinky and index finger are raised, is a generally universal sign of metal and usually written as \m/, which imitates the shape. It has been claimed to be Satanic (it's sometimes referred to as "the sign of the devil, dude"). However, the person responsible for its popularity, Ronnie James Dio (not his real name), says that it was actually a sign used by his grandmother to ward off the "evil eye", or to give it, and this sense of mysticism felt appropriate for Black Sabbath, which he joined after their original vocalist, Ozzy Osbourne, had left. By placing two fists side by side and extending only the index fingers to form a "\mnnm/" kind of shape, you get "two much metal for one hand".


A 2008 survey found that Metal fans are typically "gentle, creative types who are at ease with themselves." This is of course a huge blow to the credibility of legions of fifteen year olds who want to annoy their parents with their "rebellious" branded T-shirts. The surveys and studies mentioned that the personality types of people who like heavy metal are most like those who listen to classical music; make of this what you will.However, it's not all well educated and well spoken gentlemen trying to hide behind a mask of evil and rock persona, taking it with a pinch of salt and enjoyment; some take it incredibly seriously. In early 2010, the metal magazine Metal Hammer decided "hey, wouldn't it be a nice idea if metal was a religion". Aiming to repeat the feat achieved by the Jedi, the magazine prompted its readers to declare "metal" as their religion on the 2011 UK census.

** continue **

Saturday, March 6, 2010

life isnt that sweet as sugar...isnt that beautiful as snow white..

finally...i manage to sit back n start spitting my words again..

can u see wht the hell is going wif our world today.??tell me how today's world influence ur daily i told u guys the days passing the time moving fast...faster than u could ever imagine...try to figure out urself..wht u have left behind.??think bout it...maybe it is something that precious n u urself didnt notice bout it... each breath could be the last....

that's not my point here...jus wanna tell something that really close to our isnt that sweet as sugar...isnt that beautiful as snow white..think bout it guys...

as we enjoy blissful days...remember dat it wont be lasting...even u r trying so hard to keep it remain in u...dat's so impossible...u cant deny's a fact...

"life comes in a package where the good and bads, ups and downs are inclusive", kenny..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

pegi mamposs laa...

cam kelakar jek...ko mmg cam cibai aku rase da mmg adat dunia kot camni...trend dunia akhir zaman...aku de cite nk share sesetengah makhluk tu...lau time susah bleh leh lak tgur org...niat hati nak mntak maen kiasan lak...wat xphm² cam palat jek ayat die...konon xnak klah r...xnk nmpk orang tgk die mntak tolong konon x cool r mntak² neh...pegi mamposs laa weh...ko buat sndri kimak jek...lau x sbab camtu...haram jek nak tgur....senyum pom x...tgk muke poyo cam babi jek...orang tgur pom wat cam cibai...konon bagus sgt laa tu...padan muka ko...sndri tanggung laa weh...hahaha...mnde y dk poyo² tu kena kt ko sndri...rasekanlaa...bkn nk kate bkire ke idop camtu wat baek ngn aku...aku wat baek ngn org tu...lau ko wat taik...ngn mangkok jamban skali aku bagi...hahah...aku ske tgk muko palat poyo cam babi ko tu terhegeh² camtu...

p/s: what goes around...comes around...