Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i need to go out from this hell..

so damn fucked up...

somebody please help me out from this place..??
i need a brand new life package...do u hv it.??
please inform me back then..

somewhere or somehow...
am thinking bout to get my ass out from here...
am sick and tired with my daily fuckin boredom life...

if u think u can help me...
you are the person that am looking for...
feel free to text me back...


  1. what package dat you rally need huh?wut do you really wanna out from?isn't life happen as wut you accept it to happen?if ur already on da track, mess it wit what you want, want you need for,or messing up doesn't enuf?

  2. damn...can make it simple for me to understand that...

    i need to do sumtin dat will give life satisfaction...i stil need to xplore the world...the entire world...

    i do accept bout wht i am...am grateful to be born and to keep breathing...but there's sumtin stil missing..wht wif sumtin.??jus trying so hard to find "sumtin"...

  3. its ok then, as long as you accept yourself then everything is going to be alrite,but not 100% everything for sure, never let dat "sumtin" stop you to be you.

    thank god that there still people accept us as whut we are now and keep improving."nothing simple but don't complicate".

  4. yeah..to be grateful for wht i am...
    i wont let "sumtin" stop me...i'll make as my bullseye to eye for...

    hell yeah...thr r still people accept us...
    even jus a few of them...but it can make
    me much stronger than u ever thought...

  5. gud then,there are all shit about the quantity, even a few help us a lot,but how strong enuf it can be to fight for ourselve?

    talking about damn good life never stop.no matter how strong you are,its how you perceive good life from your own thought.

  6. yup..jus a few help us..but mostly thr's sumtin behind..dat was so fucked up..it's kinda hard find sumone tht do sumtin in the name of LOVE..they jus bullshittin around wif us..

    dat kinda hard to perceive ourself..we tend confuse in the middle of life journey..we got 2fight and hardly struggle to find out the best route...or the right path...

  7. they are maybe not doing it for the sake of love,let them be wit that "sumtin behind",we're are not going to mess our mind wit wut there are thinking behind.

    ya,its ok to feel that way(confuse sometimes),its like an alert alarm that something wrong somewhere.

  8. i jus dun give a fuck bout it..i dun even care
    bout wht thy r thnkg bout me..go to hell..

    mb ur rite..but it can be false alarm..!!

  9. ya, as long as it's an alarm, there's something to look at it,rite?hihiihii.

    but it seems like you really mean it(the writing), is that really happen?coz for me sometimes we can't just describe someting in words, its kinda hard, may be hard for me to look into myself.

  10. hehe..yeah...ur rite..even it's a false alarm..

    my writing is all bout my life..i speaks on my writing..even action speaks louder than words..
    it's much easier for to spit my words in writing..

    correct me if am wrong..based on my reading..
    i read an article mention that..
    "if you know God then you know yourself"...

  11. its gud for you to write something that you feel inside,but is it make you feel better about life?

    i know myself but i don't do much,it is not that im not try to but as you said previously, "sumtin" dat like missing, or maybe something to search for coz maybe i never had that "sumtin" before so it can't be missing.

    what am i thinking maybe lack of self exploration and experimentation.i'm looking into everything for me to mess with and put myself into.hope to find one someday.

  12. yeah..not that better..but it make me feel much stronger..feel like vanishing my burden away..make me calm..

    everyone hv that sumtin..mb ur not realise it..dat sumtin belong us..jus find out wht that sumtin..

    we hv to explore the world..seek for "sumtin" dat missing..jus think bout it..

  13. ya,but im wondering on what u are saying, at some point you tend to look something at the positive side but sometimes contrary (negative), actually on what side you are?hihihi..

    its true that we have the right to say what we feel, but are you condenming on something that happen to your life before?

    ya,more exploration maybe (keep thinking).

  14. haha..dat's life..sumtim we hv to think in positive way..on the other..dun forget the negative side..am in the middle of sumtin..
    i cant describe myself.. :p

    am not condemning my past..i jus wanna share
    wif others bout my feelin..i wont regret my broken tales..

    keep thinkin..and u will found the solution..

  15. i don' know, there are lots of thing that we need to think a about,sometimes we can just ruin everything,i just don't know the solution.

    ok if you are not regret your past,at least an experience for you.

  16. yeah..ur rite..but..put away the shitty things..make urself comfort wif..dont jus fuck up wif all those thing..

    past is past..take is as learning process to be more tougher..

  17. ya,hope all be alrite then.just get tired sometimes with all those thing.

  18. yeah...same goes to u then..hp we r on the right track..keep away from those thing...

  19. hopefully.struggling struggling and struggling.hihihi....

  20. hahahaa...yeah...struggling till u collapse..

  21. don't collapse laa.try harder.hihihih..

  22. huhu..i wish i could make it happen.. :D