Sunday, March 21, 2010

mixery of my broken tales..

mixery...lost in mixery...broken tales...

it's all bout to learn sumtim...
nobody's perfect...but why we hv to fight to be dat way.??
no need to move in perfectionist...cuz nobody cant...
sumtim our broken tales teach us bout life...bout friendSHIT..bout love..
bout can be defined as learning and improving ourself..
sound like a dirty ass..rite.??

are we regret wif our own broken tales.??
are we lost in mixery cuz of broken tales.??

i try to make myself be more rational bout it..
i wont be regretted wif my broken tales..
i wont lost in mixery..
how tough am i to evade it.??

my broken tales..
jus keep playin around me..
it's chokin me..
i need to breath from scratch..
wht should i do to make it happen.??
i dun hv the power to cure that broken..
am i that evil for not curing it.??

mixery of my broken tales huntin me..
and it will keep on huntin me..

sumbody...please get me a doctor..

hell'em all..


  1. For me..the most terrible things is to be regretted!Damnly hate to be in that situation..Lol~~ ;p

  2. it as learnin's for ur own gud.. :D

  3. Take it as a learning process?its ain't easy..
    patience said than done..

    That was how Its began,
    that is how Its shall end.


  4. i knw dat..its aint dat easy to take sumtin 'broken' as learning process for ourself...
    sumtin dat happend cant b rewind..all we hv to do is to find the way to fix back that broken..

  5. The best solution to fix it is, let ur soul be free for quite sometimes..

    Let it fly and floating on the sky..
    Close ur eyes and let the breeze touch ur skin..You'll feel the calmness cure ur broken heart and its will slowly heal..


  6. how can i let my soul free.??
    it hard for to do dat..

    urgh..i feel so calm.. :D