Monday, March 8, 2010

Heavy Metal..

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Intro :
Heavy metal music is a form of music that is pretty heavy, and also pretty metal. It scares most conservatives and fundamentalists due to being sounding fairly anti-authoritarian, as well as having many bands that use Satanic imagery, though most only for shock value. Such as the band Mercyful Fate or whatever album cover Slayer have commissioned to piss off anyone who is even mildly religiously sensitive.

The Horns
The "horns", where the hand is formed into a fist and the pinky and index finger are raised, is a generally universal sign of metal and usually written as \m/, which imitates the shape. It has been claimed to be Satanic (it's sometimes referred to as "the sign of the devil, dude"). However, the person responsible for its popularity, Ronnie James Dio (not his real name), says that it was actually a sign used by his grandmother to ward off the "evil eye", or to give it, and this sense of mysticism felt appropriate for Black Sabbath, which he joined after their original vocalist, Ozzy Osbourne, had left. By placing two fists side by side and extending only the index fingers to form a "\mnnm/" kind of shape, you get "two much metal for one hand".


A 2008 survey found that Metal fans are typically "gentle, creative types who are at ease with themselves." This is of course a huge blow to the credibility of legions of fifteen year olds who want to annoy their parents with their "rebellious" branded T-shirts. The surveys and studies mentioned that the personality types of people who like heavy metal are most like those who listen to classical music; make of this what you will.However, it's not all well educated and well spoken gentlemen trying to hide behind a mask of evil and rock persona, taking it with a pinch of salt and enjoyment; some take it incredibly seriously. In early 2010, the metal magazine Metal Hammer decided "hey, wouldn't it be a nice idea if metal was a religion". Aiming to repeat the feat achieved by the Jedi, the magazine prompted its readers to declare "metal" as their religion on the 2011 UK census.

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  1. Love metal too..
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  2. ..\m/ hailed metal \m/...

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