Tuesday, April 6, 2010

bury in enslavement...

Burn...we are fucking burn…
Die…we are fucking die…

Struggling and fight for dignity
Seditious lie within the enslavement
Stand up...fight for your pride…
Kill all those motherfucker authorities…

Wake up…make a dramatic break for freedom
Get your ass out of this shit…
Call the angel
Save us from this hell

We are burning the enslavement
Freedom is ours
We are not prisoner of slavery
Freedom is ours

Enslavement is dead


  1. Enslavement is Dead..
    How i wish..living in this world full of shits, the best thing we can do is pray to God..Pray the best for human being nowdays..



  2. yet to dead..but can we demolish dat.??
    still cant come out with the best solution..
    people still wondering n searching for the
    'TRUE ROUTE' to passing by..but..no ending at the end of the day..

  3. Just let ur heart close to HIM..
    You'll found the "True Route"...
    There's a ending..a happy ending for those whom keep praying :)


  4. i wish i could..
    but sometime feels dat am away from Him..too far away..