Monday, October 21, 2013


It seems so obvious as we can see through the net and become a serious issue nowadays.. It's all about ''judgement'' or ''repay'' for a sinner.. Most of the day people keep sharing video(s) about a thieve, pickpocket, burglar or so some kind of evil hearted person got beaten by 'The Punisher' in the street.. Our country has laws to punish them.. We have police, lawyer, judge, court, lock-up and recovery center.. So what's the point of their existence whereas we could solve all the matter right away without having to face the authority.?? Let's 'The Punisher' solve all the issues so that we can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the judgement session.. BUT.. Do we have any right or authorization to punish them.?? It feel so bad to stand by and watching them got beaten without any sympathy and mercy.. In that case, who are the evil.?? Well, let me tell you this, you are the DEVIL among the DEVIL.. Think about their parents and your parent.. Think about their feelings.. How they feel about this.?? That's not the way to teach and guide them to be on track.. DAMN..!! You are selfish man.!! Go fuck yourself.. Your are not an angel that free from sin.. People make mistake and have space for repentance.. Give that space for them.!! Maybe someday they change to a better person and thousand better than you.. So people, think before you act.. Your action show who the hell you really are..

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